Stay Calm in Responding to Nosebleeds in Children

Don't panic if your child has a nosebleed. Blood from the nose may seem terrible, but usually it is not dangerous. There are easy steps to do first aid to stop nosebleeds in children. Nosebleeds are conditions that can afflict children, especially at the age of 3-10 years. They indeed experience more nosebleeds compared to adults. This is because the blood vessels in a child's nose are more fragile and break easily. Causes of Nosebleeds in Children Nosebleeds in children can occur due to the influence of very dry air or in hot temperatures. Exhaling too hard, such as when you are blowing your nose or picking your nose too deep can also cause nosebleeds. Other causes of nosebleeds in children are bumps in the nose or the presence of foreign objects entering the nose, nasal deformities, infections, allergies, suffering from blood clotting disorders such as hemophilia, and side effects of certain drugs. Of all these causes, colds and allergies that often recur are considere
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